Skillful art pressed Oil.

From the pure fruit of long-standing trees...

(G. D'Annunzio)



 The extra virgin olive oil is the result of the ability of the olive grower to best take care of the olive trees, to recognize and meet their needs. The many virtues of the oil, the tasty goodness, the intensity of perfumes and flavorings, the ability of enhance and flavor a dish to make it unique, are the result of the environment, the sensory outline of the varietals and skills of the olive grower. The highest quality expression is potentially already in the olive fruits. This quality we must patiently and wisely transfer in the bottle. How to do it: up-to-date technology combined with the ancient experience of our fathers, consideration and timeliness in harvesting and promptness in the extraction. All within a day. 

     The extraction step is extremely delicate; selection and management of technology is crucial to preserve the chemical and organoleptic traits of absolute excellence of the fruits. Each varietals, in relation to its cultivation areal (agroecosystem), has a strong organoleptic typicality and is also strongly influenced by the extraction technique as well as the degree of maturity at harvest. Techniques and crushing parameters, duration and temperature of the kneading, method for oil separation must be optimized in function of the peculiar characteristics of each varietal. These choices contribute to the sensory outline, the final taste and characterization of the product. 

     Antonio Villani’s farm is located on the Molise coast, at an altitude of 70 meters asl. In these medium-mixtured soils (well endowed with limestone) and equipped with irrigation system, we pursue the higher possible quality from varietals Leccino, Gentile of Larino and Coratina: different and complementary to each other for maturity, organoleptic properties and sensory outline. The harvest and milling are different for each varietals in order to achieve exemplary organoleptically various oils. Thus obtained oils, after accurate chemical and sensory analysis, are dosed in varying percentages (blend), from year to year, with accurate elaiotecnicals criteria pursuing aromas and flavors synergies as well as fragrance and elegance.

      Such a blend shows a green aspect with an intense golden hue. The smell is engaging, sincere and smooth with a just-cut grass fragrance, celery, green almond and artichoke. The taste evokes pleasant references to the almond and grass. The bitter and spicy notes are clear but balanced. The final result is wide and harmonious. After the natural settling, in stainless steel containers at controlled temperature, the oil (unclear because intentionally unfiltered in order to preserve its rich and natural properties) is manually packed in a limited number of bottles of dark glass to appreciate it better and longer.

 Lu Mè: extraordinary juice of goodness and health, answers the needs of a diet rich in wellness and pleasure.

Antonio Villani, olive grower in Molise