Lu Mè...

We like to think of it as a valuable resource, able to arouse feelings and donate emotions




My Olive trees, standing by the coast of Molise region, are grown on the ground with grassing controlled method. They are equipped with a micro-irrigation system and assisted with the "Integrated Technology", they are looked after with care and love due to a valuable resource.




Our Oil

It's a combination of modern technology and ancient wisdom of our fathers.

Lu Mè is obtained taking care of each step: the right time for harvesting, the  crushing method and the kneading method.

Precision in separation and a natural settling at a controlled temperature.

Lu Mè is your Oil

Unclear because intentionally unfiltered in order to preserve its rich and natural properties; it is a green fruity, more or less intense depending on the year.

Rich in aromas and flavors, fragrance and elegance, its smell is engaging, sincere, smooth with a good intensity. The just-cut grass and celery fragrances are enhanced by notes of green almond and fresh walnut that we found untouched at taste. 

The bitter and spicy notes are balanced and the ending is wide and harmonious; packed into a peculiar very dark glass bottle, in order to appreciate it better and longer. We offer it just as we want it to be...

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Lu Mè gives its best when tasted raw on any dish. On green salads, dips, coocked vegetables, soups, and legumes. Perfect on carpaccio fish, on grilled meats and roasts.



Antonio Villani, olive grower in Molise